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August, time to sing Christmas music, of course!

August 19, 2008

This month, I did backgrounds and a small solo on the upcoming Christmas album for Paul Potts, a recent winner of “Britain’s Got Talent”, and also on the pre-records for Universal Studios/Japan. It just doesn’t seem like summer without some holiday cheer!

The gals of Sixth Wave (Cindy Bourquin and Jennifer Barnes) had the honor of singing as a trio for an orchestral flamenco album for the incomparable Vince Mendoza. It was a fun challenge to sing something so completely different.

Those that purchase a Pioneer TV in the near future will hear me in the demo mode singing some ethereal and odd operatic-type stuff over a wild visual collage.

“Beethoven’s Wig 4” has just been released. It features various styles of dance music, from minuet to march, as well as one of my favorites, “Beep, Beep, Beep.” Look for it on! We’ll be performing selections from all four CDs in Bishop, CA, on September 30.

Sixth Wave is set to complete our next CD in the coming weeks, and we should have it out by October. Our next performance is in San Luis Obispo on October 7.

Enjoy what remains of the summer!