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June, and a Relaxed Summer Ahead

June 18, 2009

It’s been rather quiet on the work front this spring – thank heaven for residuals! – and the summer is no busier for me. This is OK, as I’ve learned – well, am still learning – to enjoy the slow periods and relax. The kitten is now 6 weeks old, eating food out of a bowl, jumping, playing, and thriving! I’m so excited that I managed to rescue her.
This is Marzipan now:
It’s been an amazing journey to watch her grow and develop!

Sixth Wave had another well-attended show at the Coffee Gallery earlier this month, and we’ll be back there on September 30.

Beethoven’s Wig performed at the OK Mozart Festival in Bartlesville, OK, just north of Tulsa, which is surprisingly rich in the arts. Here are Susan Boyd and I all ready to go on stage:

The performing arts center:

and a view of “downtown” Bartlesville:

Our next show is at The Grammy Museum on July 11.

Next week, I’ll be recording some excerpts from the opera “Hansel and Gretel” for the PBS series “Curious George”. One of his friends attends the opera in one episode and tells the little monkey all about it.

I wish you all a relaxed summer!

March – A Lull Before the Spring Rush

March 11, 2009

Not a lot going on this month, although I did get to sing on the upcoming film, “Wolverine”.

On March 20, Sixth Wave performs in Edmonton, Canada for ChoralFest.
– details are HERE

Our latest CD, “Happy Madness”, is available either through CDBaby, which also has digital downloads, our website, and NOW on iTunes with the first two CDs.

Further into the future:
April 16 Sixth Wave at the America Sings 20th Anniversary Gala Concert at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC
April 18 Beethoven’s Wig in Spring, TX, outside of Houston
– link to tickets and location is HERE
April 23 Sixth Wave at the acclaimed UNC Jazz Festival in Greeley, Colorado
– more info HERE

May 13 Sixth Wave in Toronto, Canada

June 11 Sixth Wave reappears at the Coffee Gallery, Pasadena, CA
June 14 Beethoven’s Wig in Tulsa, Oklahoma
July 11 Beethoven’s Wig at the Grammy Museun, Los Angeles

January – A New Year of Singing

January 12, 2009

Not only should this be a new year of singing for me, but a new year of creativity, as I’m picking up the proverbial pen (since it’s really a computer now) to write – both words and music. I’m currently publishing a novel on Twitter, finishing a book on my experiences in life through my geocaching hobby which will be available in May, and honing my music composition skills with the intent to write songs, arias, then operas.

This month, I have a performance with Sixth Wave, at the Coffee Gallery in Pasadena. Here are the details…

January 22 8:00pm
The Coffee Gallery Backstage
2029 N. Lake
Altadena, CA. 91001
Reservations/Information: (626) 398-7917
Cover: $15 (never a food or drink minimum!)

The Coffee Gallery Backstage is a 49 seat show room connected to a coffee house surprisingly called, “The Coffee Gallery.”  The Backstage is a listening room with a nice sound system, good lights, comfortable seating and a killer atmosphere. Please call right away to make reservations because at 49 seats, it’ll fill up quick!

Next month, we’ll be performing at the Northern Arizona University Jazz/Madrigal Festival in Flagstaff. I’ll be taking an extra day to check out the Grand Canyon – I haven’t been there in over 20 years.

On March 20, Sixth Wave performs in Edmonton, Canada for a music festival there.

Our latest CD, “Happy Madness”, is available either through CDBaby, which also has digital downloads, our website, and soon to be on iTunes with the first two CDs.

Further into the future:
April 18 Beethoven’s Wig inTexas
April 23 Sixth Wave in Greeley, Colorado
Memorial Day weekend in Nashville, TN for the release of my geocaching book at a big, big geocaching event, Geowoodstock
June 14 Beethoven’s Wig in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Meanwhile, I’m back in the studio of composer Steven Argila for another season of “10 Items or Less”, currently airing on TBS. Each season is funnier than the last, and my off-camera ooh-ahhs are the signature Greek chorus. I also sang a fun Latin-ethnic number for one of the scenes and a big musical theater song for another.

I also got to sing in a women’s chorus for the Spike TV Video Game Awards last month. I and 23 other top-notch classical singers backed up a band called Weezer.


Yes, these are my classical professional singer friends, partying afterwards:

I’m in the choir for an upcoming film “Earth”, a current film “Marley and Me”, and on Steve Amerson’s newest CD.