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November, that thankful time

November 26, 2008

The Sixth Wave CD release party went as well as it could have! We packed the place and had a grand time singing for our enthusiastic friends and fans. Our CDs are available either through CDBaby, which also has digital downloads, our website, and soon to be on iTunes with the first two CDs.

I’m back in the studio of composer Steven Argila for another season of “10 Items or Less” on TBS. Each season is funnier than the last, and my off-camera ooh-ahhs are the signature Greek chorus. I also sang a fun Latin-ethnic number for one of the scenes and a big musical theater song for another.

I love showing up for a session and never knowing what exactly I’ll be doing until I get there. Being asked to do a variety of styles is a satisfying challenge for me musically and mentally.

My next performances are in February in Arizona with Sixth Wave. Next month, I should have more details on those.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!