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May Day! Life in the Cat’s Lane

May 13, 2009

The big excitement in my life is a new kitten, that I found abandoned near a geocache in a small town near Visalia. Although I was too late to save her siblings, the little diva is doing well, and will probably be my (unneeded, but very welcome) fifth cat. The idea that anyone would abandon animals appalls me, and at least I could save the life of this one precious creature. I get to bottle-feed her every two hours around the clock, and rather than wearing me down, I’m finding new energy with the odd schedule.

I will still be glad to get back to a normal sleeping schedule, though.

This biggest excitement for me and Sixth Wave this month is the release of the new Star Trek movie. We all got to sing on the score! As a long-time Trek fan, I’m thrilled that the film is getting just rave reviews and enthusiastic response. I’ll be seeing it myself in Toronto, finally! Sixth Wave performs here for MusicFest on Wednesday, May 14, to two sold-out shows!

On May 19, don’t miss the premiere of the TV show “Glee!” on Fox. I’m featured in the vocals between scenes, singing with an a cappella quintet in classic Swingle Singers and Doo Wop styles, among others. The amazingly talented other four are Cindy Bourquin (Sixth Wave), Gerald White (formerly Sixth Wave), Tim David (Nashville and LA sessions), and Alvin Chea (Take 6). I’ve been one bigger choral sessions with Alvin before, but what a treat to be in a small group with him! Take 6 is one of the groups that ALL a cappella groups want to be, and Alvin has been it’s bass anchor since it’s inception, and it’s always exciting to work with those that have inspired you.

Coming up:
Sixth Wave at the Coffee Gallery, June 11
Beethoven’s Wig in Tulsa, June 14
Beethoven’s Wig at the Grammy Museum, July 11

This is Constitution Hall in Washington D.C. where Sixth Wave sang last month:

Here I am with Beethoven’s wig in Springville, photo by a local geocacher who came to the show!